They didn’t teach math this way when I was a kid…”


If you have ever felt frustrated while trying to help your child in math, you are NOT alone.

The number one complaint I hear from parents is that the way their son or daughter is being taught math is TOTALLY different than what they learned in school.

If you are feeling this way, then you are right. Math standards HAVE changed.

Even if you were a straight-A math student, you might be feeling totally defeated when trying to help your child with homework.

Add an ADHD diagnosis to the mix, and you may be feeling like all hope is lost.

You know your child needs something different. You know that the way he or she is taught math at school is simply not working.


That’s where I come in….

I’m Sonia Teach. I work as an online ADHD tutor for kids who struggle in math.

Let me take away the burden of trying to help your son or daughter in math.

Leave that up to me, so that you can rest easy and focus on the things that REALLY matter… restoring your relationship with your child.