The Top 3 Questions Tutors Ask When Starting An Online Tutoring Business

A common question people have when deciding to become a tutor is -- where do I start? The idea of starting your own business can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Several months ago, I got this message -- 

In this blog post, I’m sharing three common questions tutors have when they get started. If you’d like to know the six steps to starting your online tutoring business, you can grab it below!


A common mistake tutors make when starting their business is they think that they should tutor EVERY subject! If you have a website that has a list a mile long of all the subjects you tutor, then stop right there!

It is much easier to become an expert on one specific subject than try to tutor all of them. By choosing one subject, you are able to become an expert in that one area! Imagine that you were an all-star athlete that had a season-ending knee injury. Would you rather see a surgeon that specialized in sports injury or a surgeon that treats anyone and everyone?

Another magical thing happens once you narrow your focus down to just one subject area & age group. Students start finding you online! Think about it. In order to stand out online --- you need to become a specialist. Otherwise, your website is not going to get found on Google!


Doing a Google search for things like, “free online whiteboard for teaching”, “free tutoring software”, or “apps for tutoring business” will lead to MILLIONS of search results. How to choose?

Well, you’re in luck, because I am going to share some of my favorites.

Zoom & BitPaper. Zoom is a free & extremely reliable software for video calling. BitPaper is a super snazzy & free online whiteboard tool. My kids LOVED it. It’s a lot of fun.

To learn more about how to use BitPaper and Zoom for tutoring, check out my tutorial video here.  

Now, I’ll admit, this video is outdated. I made it when I first started my business, and things have changed since then! So I recommend checking out this video by online tutor Terri Grigsby. It’s the 2019 edition on how to use BitPaper! You can watch the video here.


As an online math tutor, this was a BIG struggle for me. I remember searching for the perfect formula, asking other tutors, crunching numbers for days, wondering what I was doing wrong….

Until finally -- I found this blog post by Andi Smiles. It’s called, “How to Pay Yourself So You Actually Have Enough Money (+ free owner pay formula)”. This seriously changed the way I thought about my business.

I highly encourage you to read it, because it means thinking backward. In other words -- what’s your end goal? For Denise, who is a member of my Facebook group, her goal is to earn enough per month to cover 2 rent payments. To keep the math simple, we’ll pretend it’s just one rent payment. So let’s break it down.

Say your rent is $1000 per month. You plan to charge $40 per hour. In order to make $1000, you need to tutor 25 hours during the month. But wait! It’s not quite that simple. If you have already started your business, you will know that running your business costs money! For that reason, you need to account for tax savings & business expenses in the rates you choose. So maybe, in this case, you charge $55 per hour so you have enough to set aside for taxes and expenses. Use Andi’s formula as a guide if you need help!

 So there you have it, those are the top three questions tutors want to know before starting their business. To learn the six steps to starting an online tutoring business, grab the roadmap below!